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Welcome to CTA!

Community Transition Academy (CTA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 charitable organization. The Academy is a community and classroom-based, non-public transition high school (NPS) for teens and emerging young adults with developmental disabilities. Community Connection Project (CCP) is an adult program that focuses on bridging the gaps in the transition from high school into adult life by providing supported community access and opportunities for program participants and customized training for their adult networks.  The Academy serves students from 9th grade through transition-age (22 yrs.), who have significant academic, language, social, and/or behavioral challenges most commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder, while CCP serves the same population post high school. The CCP program serves young adults needing significant communication and behavioral supports and community training to successfully transition from school to adult-life.

Community Transition Academy offers a uniquely individualized transition curriculum taught both in the classroom and in the community infused with the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). CTA's school schedule is unique. CTA operates on a modified year-round school year schedule which includes an Extended School Year (ESY). Our students never have more than 12 consecutive school days scheduled as "off".


Community Connection Project is a community-based program which focuses on providing supported, integrated, community experiences for individuals with significant communication and behavioral challenges. By providing these natural opportunities to discover what they want to do in their adult lives, develop and practice skills, and then have their natural and chosen provider networks trained on what they want and need to be successful in those environments. We will help program participants feel empowered and to feel like an essential contributor to their own lives. CCP will also train community members, support team and providers, vocational/volunteer venues, and any other adult networks that our program participants and their loved ones have chosen for them.

We believe the key to a successful transition lies within an effective communication plan and extensive individualized training. Both the Academy and CCP treat collaborative communication and training as cornerstone values of our organization.