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Welcome to Community Transition Academy!

Community Transition Academy (CTA) is a community and classroom- based, non-public transition school (NPS) for emerging young adults.  CTA serves students from 9th grade through transition-age (22 yrs.), who have academic, language, social, and/or behavioral challenges most commonly associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

CTA offers a uniquely individualized transition curriculum taught both in the classroom and in the community infused with the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).


Blending together an academic classroom and community-based program with an Individualized Educational Program–centric approach, CTA places an emphasis on academic, communication, functional "real-world" skills, and social and environmentally-appropriate behavioral growth in natural, relevant settings.  CTA addresses sensory and occupational therapeutic needs and provides speech and language supports embedded into every day throughout the entire school day. CTA delivers natural functional learning opportunities in a variety of environments relevant to each student's IEP and community transition goals.

CTA's school schedule is unique.  CTA operates on a modified year-round school year schedule which includes an Extended School Year (ESY). Our students never have more than 12 consecutive school days scheduled as "off".

When the Community Becomes the Classroom

Community Transition Academy accesses the community each school day allowing our students to work on their IEP goals in natural and relevant settings while focusing on achieving maximized independence and community inclusion competency for their adult years.

Our students not only learn from and in their community, but they also use what they are learning to influence, change, or give back to the community in some meaningful ways.