The Community Connection Project Vision

The vision of Community Connection Project is to build the bridge between school and adulthood by providing specialized training and support for young adults with developmental disabilities and their chosen adult-life networks. We provide our program participants opportunities to identify, build, and train natural support networks, foster meaningful relationships and partnerships, and generalize the life skills needed to connect with their community successfully and inclusively.


Introduction to the Program

Community Transition Academy’s Community Connection Project (CCP) program is a nonprofit, 501©3 transitional post high school program for young adults with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder. The CCP program is designed to teach community skills, seek out community resources and adult support networks, and provide opportunities for young adults with social and behavioral challenges to connect with their community. Community Connection Project approaches its vision and purpose through three phases – all of which are necessary for successful inclusion, meaningful contributions, and high quality of life for participants and their community members.

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