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The Academy


CTA offers a complete transition curriculum taught both in the classroom and in the community infused with the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Blending together this multi-environmental educational program with an Individualized Educational Program-centric approach, CTA places an emphasis on education, functional skill building, communication, social and behavioral growth as emerging young adults.  Our goal is to provide the least-restrictive supports in both community and classroom settings in order to facilitate independent skill-building.


CTA delivers functional learning in natural environments, in a variety of predetermined settings relevant to each student's IEP and transition goals. Goals include the mastery of functional routines and practical, everyday community skills and functional communication with others in the community to foster independence and self-awareness as well as provide build upon support networks in inclusive community settings. At CTA, we believe education is a life-long endeavor and IEP goals should reflect that. The key to CTA's program is the level of support provided by a staff trained in behavioral management and task analysis that places an emphasis on each student’s potential as a contributing member of the community.

In order to prepare our emerging young adults for the next phase of their journey toward adulthood, we offer a graduated staff to student ratio of support model.  Our goal is to foster independence by fading direct, one-to-one staff to student support as they progress towards adulthood and increase independence.  

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CTA'S Unique Impact

Community Transition Academy's small, intimate school and community-based setting creates a family-like atmosphere for our students and their families and offers the community a unique opportunity to understand, include, and grow with us.  Our strong emphasis on continued academics, coupled with supported hands-on volunteer vocational training, offers a very specialized experience for our students both in the classroom and in the community. 

At CTA we believe education is a life-long journey and as our students venture towards adulthood, we are there to help them grow towards achieving maximum independence, exercising their power of choice, and becoming respected and contributing members of their communities.

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